Our vision

Rockdale Community Services aims to provide an environment of support, growth and learning to meet the diverse and changing needs of the local and surrounding communities.

Our mission

Rockdale Community Services aims to:

  • Support people to maintain their independence, dignity and self worth
  • Provide opportunities for people to connect with their community
  • Encourage individual learning and growth
  • Provide services in a professional and ethical manner
  • Ensure that staff and volunteers are skilled and supported.

Our objectives

  1. To assist whenever and wherever possible, in the alleviation of the effects of disadvantage in our community
  2. To remain abreast of local issues and community needs and assist in the development and provision of services to meet the identified needs of the community
  3. To promote the principals of self-help and community participation in addressing these needs
  4. To co-opt persons in the community, to assist us to achieve our objectives.
Download the PDF of the Rockdale Community Services brochure
Download the PDF of our brochure