We deliver home care on a client-directed basis

Rockdale Community Services is an approved Home Care Provider.

We empower customers and their carers with freedom of choice and greater control over their own lives. This is in line with our primary philosophy of a holistic wellness approach. It is a priority for us that our clients remain independent in their own homes receiving the support they need, when they need it.

We plan with you, not for you

We support clients and their carers to make their own informed choices about the types of care and services they need or would like. They know how their funding is spent because they are involved in setting the future direction of their home care needs, including selecting their staff and the type(s) of support we will provide. They manage their own package at a level with which they are comfortable.

Be assessed by ACAT

All clients applying for this service must have a Comprehensive Assessment from the local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), who can refer you to us.

Find your local ACAT

We are committed to providing excellent value

Our admin fees are commensurate with the level of care required, on a simple sliding scale, with a modest exit fee.

We consciously keep the financial side of our services as transparent and easy to understand as possible.

Package Admin fee Exit fee
 Level 1  20%  $250
 Level 2  22%  $250
 Level 3  24%  $250
 Level 4  26%  $250