More client-funded time or care as required

For those who may not qualify for government-subsidised services or who would like additional over and above what the subsidised service provides, Rockdale Community Services has the flexibility to offer a personalised private care plan. This premium service allows your complete control over the further time or care as you see fit.

Over nearly five decades, RCS has built an extensive network of trusted and reliable contractors and local associates who can provide a wide range of services additional to our core suite of services. These might include domestic duties, trades work such as electrical and plumbing, handymen, hairdressing, dental prosthetists, and pet care.

Our local knowledge and connections are just some of the advantages we offer as a long-established, compact community service.

Rockdale Community Services provides aged care services above and beyond those subsidised by MyAgedCare. Apply directly on (02) 9204 5500.

How to initiate these additional services

Pricing is available upon application. For all details please phone us on:  (02) 9024 5500