Our groups keep older clients socially connected

Our social support service provides our aged clients with the opportunity to participate in group outings, which can be lunches, sightseeing, concerts, and an annual 3-day trip away. Our bus collects clients from their homes.

The interactions fostered by this service have a profoundly positive effect on the isolation many clients experienced before they joined the groups, promoting their independence in a safe, supported environment.

We send our clients their own individual social calendar and contact them regularly so they know that we are here to support them with any of our other services.

Access through CHSP

You can access this service through the Commonwealth Home Support Program, under Care Relationships and Carer Support, keeping costs to a minimum. You must be over 65 and meet other eligibility criteria.

For assessment by the CHSP Regional Assessment Officer, phone: 1800 200 422

Once we contact you, we’re generally able to provide our first service within 30 days.