Our lifestyle support helps our aged clients to live better

Assistance to our aged clients is varied and comprehensive, evolving to meet their needs as they progress through their lives.

We may accompany them in shopping, banking, or to medical and dental appointments. We support clients with dementia: checking that bills are paid, the fridge is emptied of expired food, that the client is taking prescribed medications. We often lift the standard of domestic hygiene and sanitation to support the everyday health of the client.

We assist in any number of ways with meals, at whatever level of care is preferred. We can arrange the purchase of groceries from a standard meal provision organisation, either fresh or frozen, and cook them for our client if desired. When our client prefers to eat out, we accompany them to their local club or cafe for lunch or dinner.

Home Care Packages allow for a more complete range of services, from non-capital modifications to support the client’s level of physical and mental ability as they age. Within the package, we can arrange beds with full lifts, or lifting chairs. Clients with macular degeneration may benefit from a large flat screen TV.

We plan with you, not for you

Our nearly five decades of care experience makes us familiar with the most cost-effective ways of raising the everyday domestic living standards of our clients. Our lifestyle support can be as little as a couple of hours a week, growing to a higher level of support when required. But whatever the support, Rockdale Community Services is all about client choice and collaboration.

Access through CHSP

You can access this service through the Commonwealth Home Support Program, under Care Relationships and Carer Support, keeping costs to a minimum. You must be over 65 and meet other eligibility criteria.

For assessment by the CHSP Regional Assessment Officer, phone: 1800 200 422

Once we contact you, we’re generally able to provide our first service within 30 days.