Comments and complaints assist us to make improvements

The management of Rockdale Community Services welcomes suggestions and complaints as opportunities to improve our organisation’s service to you and to others.

1. Talk about it

You are encouraged to discuss your concern with the Co-ordinator or Manager. Your complaint will be followed up within 48 hours. Feedback will then be given to you after this time. You can contact us on (02) 9024 5500.

2. Write it down

Write a note about your complaint, comment, suggestion or query and send it to us. You can be assured that issues raised will be followed up. You will be given personal feedback if you write your name.

The General Manager
Rockdale Community Services Inc.
429 Princes Highway
Rockdale  NSW  2216


3. External Agencies

If your problem has not been resolved after using the above methods or if you feel as though the issue is more complex, you are welcome to contact any of the following external agencies to take your complaint further.

NSW Ombudsman’s Office

Level 24, 580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
phone: 02 9286 1000
toll free: 1800 451 524 for outside Sydney metro

NSW Community Services Commission (CSC)

Level 3, 128 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills NSW 2000
phone: 02 9384 4999
toll free: 1800 060 409 for outside Sydney metro

Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association (MDAA)

10-12 Hutchinson Street
Granville NSW 2142
phone: 02 9891 6400
toll free: 1800 629 072

Disability Discrimination Legal Centre NSW (DDLC)

PO Box 989
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
NSW only: 1800 800 708
direct: 02 9310 7722

Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney

102/55 Holt Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
phone: 02 9211 5300
toll free: 1800 226 028 for outside Sydney metro
TTY: 02 9211 0238

Administrative Decisions Tribunal – Community Services Appeals Division

Level 10, John Maddison Tower
86-90 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000
phone: 02 9377 5711
fax: 02 9377 5723

Aged Care Complaints Scheme

Toll free: 1800 550 552

There are no reprisals for complaints

Complaints and suggestions are ways in which you can help us improve – complaints are welcomed. There are no reprisals if you share a concern, suggestion or make a complaint to help us to improve our approach.